What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride Varnish?

What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride Varnish?

Fluoride varnish is often used or recommended by dentists to clients to help protect against tooth decay. The varnish is used in addition to brushing and is typically applied after a regular teeth cleaning. The fluoride varnish is typically white or a pale yellow gel that is brushed onto your teeth with a soft brush. The gel sets quickly and usually tastes and smells quite fruity.

Regular teeth cleaning with a dentist in Pawleys Island will likely include a fluoride varnish treatment. The dental team at Dr. Rinehart Dentistry uses NUPRO Prophy Paste. Using fluoride varnish is painless and quick.

How Is Fluoride Varnish Applied?

After your routine teeth cleaning, a member from your dental team will comfortably dry your teeth with a piece of gauze. The varnish is applied to the front, back, top, and bottom of each tooth. The gel dries rapidly and the entire process takes less than two minutes. Typically the varnish is applies twice yearly. If you have any questions about how the varnish is applied, you can contact your dentist in Pawleys Island or Georgetown.

How Does Fluoride Varnish Work?

Fluoride varnish may make your teeth appear a dull white or slight yellow immediately after being applied, but don’t worry. The varnish comes off by the next morning, revealing white, sparkly teeth. The fluoride within the product enters the tooth enamel to strengthen the tooth. It works to prevent new cavities and slows any decay from getting worse. The varnish can actually repair the tooth if the decay has just started.

What To Do After Fluoride Varnish

The only recommendation after having fluoride varnish applied by your Pawleys Island dentist is to avoid crunchy foods for the remainder of the day. It’s also recommended to avoid brushing or flossing that evening, allowing the fluoride to set appropriately, and pick up your normal oral care the following morning. Your oral care is highly important and must be stuck to, to ensure a healthy mouth. You can go here to see how you can up your oral health and do what’s best for your teeth.

Is Fluoride Varnish Safe?

Fluoride varnish was introduced to oral care in 1964 and has been used effectively ever since. When used appropriately, typically twice a year on adults and children old enough to rinse appropriately, the varnish will not only protect your teeth but also act as a safe whitener. The varnish is even recommended to those who find other whitening agents abrasive due to sensitivity. You could search online for the various pros of fluoride before you choose to undergo the procedure yourself.

Fluoride varnish is a safe, effective way to protect your teeth from advancing tooth decay, cavities, and acts as a whitener. The varnish is applies quickly and painlessly in your dentist’s office in Pawleys Island.

If you have any questions about the benefits of fluoride varnish or the products used by the Rinehart Dentistry staff, call us at 843.314.3935 in Pawleys Island or 843.545.1295 in Georgetown.